The Plan of Salvation Seen in the Bible
The chiastic literary structure is seen in many Bible books and passages. Below is a pattern representing the whole Bible. The Bible is God's invitation through Christ to accept His plan for our redemption.
Earth without form - the abyss (Gen. 1:1)  Notice that the first pair items matches the last pair.
Creation (Gen. 1, 2)
The fall from God's image (Gen. 3)
Death begins, a Redeemer is promised (Gen. 3:15)
Call to Abraham - a people chosen (Gen. 12)
God's people in slavery; escape to the wilderness (Ex.)
Restoration of knowledge about God's plan His law (Ex.)
Christ introduced in the sanctuary system (Lev.)
God's people in captivity for unfaithfulness (Ezek., Dan. and others)
Christ revealed in human flesh (Gospels)
Heaven's greatest gift redemption through the cross!
Christ revealed through the Holy Spirit (Acts)
Medieval persecution; church in the wilderness (Rev. 12, 13)
Restoration of lost truth the Reformation (Rev. 12)
Christ seen in the heavenly sanctuary Judgment message (Rev. 14)
God's people threatened; forbidden to buy or sell; endurance (Rev. 13; 14:12)
Call of the mighty angel; Elijah message; last appeal to God's people (Rev. 18)
Resurrection of the righteous to immortal life (1 Thess. 4)
Restoration; incorruptible bodies; like Christ's glorious body (1 Cor. 15)
Earth desolate for 1000 years; Satan in the abyss (Rev. 20)
Creation of new heavens and new earth (Rev. 21)






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