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Bible Studies

These are studies to help you get acquainted with Gods precious word to us to grow and live the life He made available to us by His passion

on the cross for our sins thereby justifying the one that receives what He has made available in Himself by His blood shed on the cross.

Remember Acts 17:11Act 17:11

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Always examine all things in the light of Gods word not taken out of context.




All of the authors of Grace Notes materials have made their studies available free of charge; and they pray that they will receive the widest possible distribution to people who love to study the Bible. Therefore, we make no restrictions on copying the articles, except that we ask that you do not publish any of them for sale. Many people have duplicated lessons and complete studies for Sunday School classes, home schooling curricula, cell churches, home Bible study classes, etc. So feel free to make full use of Grace Notes.

If you are using Grace Notes to teach classes, or you distribute things to others, I would like to hear about it. It is always a blessing to hear how the Lord is using these lessons.

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Abomination of Desolation - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - In Matthew 24:15-20, our Lord Himself spoke of the "abomination of desolation."

Abrahamic Covenant- [download: MS_Word | PDF] -

Acts, Historical Background- [download: MS_Word | PDF] - chronology, and some of the political background of the Acts of the Apostles.

Adam - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - It is fitting that we start with Adam, because Adam was the first head of the human race. By looking at Adam's life we can discover the beginnings of our problems... and solutions.

Adoption - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - From Eph. 1:5, Gal. 4:5, etc., notes on the believer's spiritual adoption.

Advocacy- [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are our advocates with the Father, protecting us against the lies of Satan.

Agriculture in Palestine- [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Israelites learned farming during 400 years in Egypt. Description of farming practices and OT laws regulating them.

Alexandria - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - City in Egypt founded by Alexander the Great. Birthplace of Apollos. Work site for the Septuagint version of the Old Testament.

Ambassadorship - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ.

Angels - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - a categorial study of the Doctrine of Angels.

Anger - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - What the Bible says about anger, ours and God's. How to deal with sinful anger.

Antichrist - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - In the Church Age, antichrist refers to any believer who resides and functions in the world system of Satan.

Antioch - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - where followers of Christ were first called Christians, is located some three hundred miles north of Jerusalem, on the west bank of the Orontes River

Apocrypha - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The word Apocrypha means “hidden,” or “secret.” The term “Apocrypha” is usually applied to a collection of books, from eleven to sixteen in number, which appeared during the interim between the Old and New Testaments. These books have come down to us in more or less close connection with the canonical books of the Bible.

Apollos - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - a short account of what the Bible has to say about this friend of the apostle Paul.

Apostleship - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Qualifications, credentials, and function of apostles.

Apostolic Age, The - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The apostolic period extends from the Day of Pentecost to the death of St. John, and covers about seventy years, from AD 30 to 100.

Apostolic Church, The - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The beginnings of the Church in the times of the Apostles.

Aquila and Priscilla - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Two friends of Paul whom he met in Corinth, who traveled to Ephesus with him, and were instructors of Apollos.

Ark of the Covenant - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The Ark of the Tabernacle, its history and typology.

Armageddon - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - a review of the final battle.

Armor of God - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - An exposition of Eph. 6:10-17; a discussion of demon organization and tactics; history of Roman armor to explain vocabulary.

Ascension of Christ - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Scripture passages related to the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ

Assyria- [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Capsule history of the Assyrian Empire.

Athens - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - one of the greatest cultural centers of Paul’s day, grew up around a 520-foot-high rocky plateau called the Acropolis.

Authority, God's Chain of Command - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Authority of God as delegated to the apostles, and from the apostles to us via the Scriptures; proper responses to civil, ecclesiastical, and family authority.

Balaam - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Short description of Balaam's career with reference to the Doctrine of Balaam

Baptism - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The seven types of baptism in the Bible; the baptism of the Holy Spirit; believer's baptism.

Barnabas - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The Acts of the Apostles describes Barnabas as 'a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith' (Acts 6:24).

The Barrier, Reconciliation, Justification - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The doctrines of Reconciliation, Propitiation, and the removal of the barrier between God and man.

Beatitudes [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The eight blessings in the Beatitudes, related to the Christian life.

Bethlehem-Judah - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The home of Ruth and Boaz, the city of David, the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Bible Study - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - by Drue Freeman. How to study the Bible with understanding.

Bitterness - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Bitterness is one of the most crushing mental problems in a person's life; the Bible has solutions.

Blessing - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Bible origins of the New Testament word "blessing", applications.

The Blood of Christ - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Teaching on the representative analogy which the Blood of Christ forms with the death of the animal on the altar.

Body of Christ - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Every Christian is a member of the Body of Christ.

Bunyan, John - [download PDF] - the life of the great Christian author of Pilgrim's Progress.

The Old Testament Canon of Scripture - Outline discussion of the Old Testament place in the canon of Scripture.

Caesarea - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Caesarea, the Roman capital of Judea in the time of Christ and Paul, was located by the sea, thirty-two miles north of Joppa, and some sixty miles northwest of Jerusalem.

Caesarea Philippi - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Caesarea Philippi was located at the foot of Mt. Hermon ... one of the most beautiful localities in all the Holy Land.

Carchemish, Battle of - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A description of the battle for this ancient capital of the Hittite empire, with Bible references

Chaldea - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - the history of the ancient kingdom where Abraham was born and which later was the locale of the Babylonian empire.

Chastisement [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Whom the Lord loves, He chastens; the study of Divine Discipline

Children, Goals for, [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Some ideas regarding setting Biblical goals for nurturing and training children in the plan of God

The Christian at Work - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Suggestions for a believer's attitude and function on the job.

Christian Worker Qualifications - [download: PDF] - Biblical qualifications for Christians in the Lord's service.

Christians of the Early Church - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A description of the life of Christians in the early church, as found in the Epistle to Diognetus, by an unknown author of the 2nd Century.

Chronology of New Testament Times - [download: PDF]

Chronology of the World from the Christian perspective - [download: PDF]

Circumcision - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The importance of the doctrine of Circumcision in Church Age teaching.

Citizenship of the Believer - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Verses describing the Christian's transfer of citizenship from the world to the heavenly kingdom through union with Christ.

Colossae- [download: MS_Word | PDF] - overview of the city of the Colossians

Communion- [download: MS_Word | PDF] - the Lord's Supper; derivation from the Passover

Confession of Sin - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The principles of biblical confession of sin; how the Lord's grace provision makes it possible for a Christian to stay in fellowship.

Corinth - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A brief summary of the history of the Greek city where Paul stayed 18 months.

Cosmic System - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Satan's plan and process for controlling the world, and his attempt, using his organization of fallen angels, to counteract the plan of God in all respects.

Covenants - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - An extensive study of God's Covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David; and the New Covenant.

Crete, Brief History - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - An outline history of Crete and historical comments on the character of the people; a historical supplement to the study of the Epistle to Titus

Damascus - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - an outline study of this oldest city in the world; of central interest to Bible events.

Damascus, Roads to - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - description of the various roads which Saul could have used to travel between Jerusalem and Damascus.

Darkness in the Soul - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - an exposition of Ephesians 4:17-22.

Deacons [download: MS_Word | PDF] - a Greek word study (Kittel) on diakonos

Death, Seven Types - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Seven types of death in the Bible.

Death of Christ - [download: PDF] - The death of Jesus Christ was an act of obedience to God the Father's plan of salvation.

Deity of Christ [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Scripture references to the deity of Christ in which divine essence is attributed to Christ

Demons, Intro. to Study of - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Outline of Bible references to demons; descriptions of identity and functions

Depression - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A discussion of the problem of depression - the Biblical cure.

Disciples, The Twelve - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - biographies of each of Jesus’ disciples.

Dispensations - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A dispensation is a period of time which is identified by its relation to some particular purpose of God.

Divine Decree - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The classic definition comes from R.B. Thieme, Jr.: “The decree of God is His eternal (always existed), holy (perfect integrity), wise (the application of omniscience to creation), and sovereign purpose, comprehending simultaneously all things that ever were or will be in their causes, conditions (status), successions (interaction with others that leads to certain decisions), relations, and determining their certain futurition.”

Divine Guidance - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The divine guidance of Christ; divine guidance for the Christian believer.

Doctrine, The Importance of - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The believer must give the highest priority in life to learning Bible facts and principles, and applying them to every situation.

Doctrine Test - A test of basic doctrinal knowledge - test your own progress in Bible academics.

Early Church - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Details of the organization and activities of the Church, from Pentecost to the beginning of Paul's ministry.

Edification - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - the doctrine of growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, leading to productivity in the Christian way of life.

Edomites - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Historical summary of the Edomites.

End Time Events - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A review of all the happenings and activities which accompany the end times.

Enemies, Witnessing to - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Every Christian has a duty to love his enemies and to witness to them.

English Languate, Origins of the - [download: MS_Word | PDF]

Enoch - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - the man who "was not, because God took him."

Ephesus- [download: MS_Word | PDF] - overview of the city of the Ephesians.

Essence of God - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - many scripture verses describing all of the characteristics of the personality of God.

The Essenes - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A description of the ascetic religious sect of the Essenes, the forerunner of the monastic orders.

Eternal Life - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Three stages of everlasting life, "now" and "forever".

Eucharist (Lord's Table) - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The history of the relationship between the Passover and the Lord's Supper.

Evil, Doctrine of - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A thorough study of the doctrines related to Satan's strategy, his attempt to discredit the Lord Jesus Christ during the Church Age.

Faith - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Faith as a means of learning compared to rationalism and empiricism; how Christian faith works; how to grow in faith.

Faith-Rest - [download: MS Word | PDF] The practice of enjoying the peace of God. How to claim promises; how to be stable and relaxed; how to enjoy happiness that doesn't depend on people, circumstances or things.

Faithfulness of God - [download: MS Word] The faithfulness of God to the believer is expressed in many ways in the Bible.

False Prophet, The- [download: MS Word] The False Prophet of the end times.

Fellowship, Christian - [download: MS Word | PDF]  Four areas of relationship [koinonia] for believers in a local church: doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer.

Five Cycles of Divine Discipline- [download: MS Word] Jehovah chastens nations which are out of fellowship.

Forgiveness - [download: MS Word | PDF] The test of Grace living is a forgiving spirit.

Four Gospels, The - [download: MS Word] An introduction to the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Freedom - [download: MS Word | PDF] What it means to be set free from "the law of sin and death."

Friendships - [download: MS Word] Every meeting with another person is a divine encounter.

Gamaliel - [download] - The great Talmudic scholar of the 1st Century; and the teacher in Judaism of the Apostle Paul.

Genealogy of Jesus Christ - [download] the complete listing of all the forbears of Jesus, from Adam to Joseph and Mary.

Gideon - [download] A brief history of the life of Gideon, the judge of Israel.

Giving - [download] A brief study of Christian giving - comments on 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.

Glory of God - [download: MS Word | PDF] Word study of the word "glory" as it refers to the nature of God.

Godliness - [download: MS Word | PDF] The study of the Greek Word eusebeia, "inner piety", spiritual maturity in believers.

Golden Calf, The - [download: MS Word] The golden calf represents the failure of the children of Israel at the Holy Mountain of God.

Gospel, The - [download: MS Word | PDF] The use of the term "gospel" in the New Testament - the "good news" of salvation.

Grace - [download: MS Word | PDF] A thorough treatment of the most important doctrine of the Christian life. The work of God and the Plan of God are completely based on Grace.

Grace Provision - [download: MS Word] God the Father provides logistical supply for believers.

Greek History - [download: MS Word] - a short history of ancient Greece (24 pages).

Happiness - [download] The joy of God; a happiness that does not depend on people, things, or circumstances.

Haran [download] - a stopping point on Abraham's journey to Canaan.

Heavenlies, The - [download] Brief notes on the locations known as the heavenlies or heavenly places.

Hellenism - [download] - a short study of the Greek thinking that influenced the thinking and culture of those Jewish people who were educated in Greek philosophy and culture.

Hellenists and Arameans - [download] - the differences between traditional Judaism and the "modern" Greek culture of the 1st century, affected even the early Christian congregations (Acts 6:1 ff).

Heresy and Apostasy - [download] Definitions, and the Biblical solution to the problem of apostasy in the local church.

Hermeneutics - [download] The science and art of Biblical interpretation, by Pastor Drue Freeman.

Hermeneutics, Syllabus of Studies in - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - A classical study in Hermeneutics, by Rollin Thomas Chafer. Used in Pastor's Ministry Workshop of Austin Bible Church

Herod, The Family of - [download] - The Herod mentioned in Matthew 2 and in Luke 1, is known to history as Herod the Great. His family was Jewish, by race, but the were actually Idumeans (Edomites).

Hittites - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - The Hittites are a Hamitic people. They are the descendants of Heth, Gen 10:15.

Holy Spirit - [download] The Person and work of God the Holy Spirit; the indwelling of the Spirit; the filling of the Spirit; the fruit of the Spirit.

Holy Spirit, Baptism of the - [download] The Holy Spirit’s work by which he places each believer into Union with Christ.

Holy Spirit, Indwelling of the - [download] The Holy Spirit indwells the body of the believer at the moment of salvation, 1 Cor 6:19-20, 3:16.

Holy Spirit, Filling of the - [download] The empowering ministry brought about by the Holy Spirit's control of the believer's life.

Holy Spirit - Salvation Ministry - [download] God the Holy Spirit did seven things for each Church Age believer at the time of salvation.

Holy Spirit - Sustaining Ministry - [download] The Holy Spirit sustained Christ during His time on earth, and the Holy Spirit sustains believers in the Christian life.

Homosexuality – [download] - a thorough treatment of what the Bible says about this issue.

Hope - [download] The Christian's confidence is much more than just wishful thinking.

Husbands - [download] How to be the husband of a happy wife.

Imputation - [download] How God the Father "credits" our sin to Christ and His righteousness to us.

Inerrancy - [download] A comparison of the views of both sides of the issue of inerrancy in the Bible.

Inheritance - [download] A study of the Christian's heritage in Christ.

Israel, The Pre-Eminence of - [download] Study of the place of the nation of Israel in the Biblical historical framework.

Inspiration - [download] The verbal, plenary inspiration of the Bible.

Koine Greek, History of - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - how the common Greek of the New Testament was formed.

James I, King of England, and the Early Stuarts - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - from English history, a thorough treatment of Elizabeth I, James I, Edward VI, and Charles I.

Jealousy - [download] - Jealousy is a mental attitude or emotional sin which is characterized by resentment of another person's accomplishments, recognition, attractiveness, or possessions, or by hostility towards someone else who is believed to be enjoying some advantage.

Jerusalem - [download] A study of the chief city of Israel.

Jewish Civilization - [download] A holy religion the characteristic of the civilization of the Jews, and their religious feelings were directed to something in the future. All the circumstances of their national life tended to fix their thoughts on One that was to come.

Jewish Religious System - [download] A description of each of the main Jewish organizations: the Scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees; and the Sanhedrin, and a brief description of the Jewish Talmud.
Jewish Teaching, Categories of Work - [download] - The thirty-nine categories of the Law making up the basis for Sabbath laws regarding work.

Jewish Teaching, Messiah - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Jewish teaching regarding the Messiah.

Jews and Hellenism - [download] The Jews of the Dispersion interacting with Greek thought and culture.

Jews Relationship to Gentiles - [download] A few examples from extensive Jewish writings of early times of their regulations concerning contact with Gentile people - from Edersheim.

Judaism 101 - [download: PDF] - Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs, by Tracey Rich, a Jewish scholar.

John the Baptist - [download] – a complete exposition of all of the teaching in the Bible about the great prophet and his relationship to Jesus Christ.

Judea, History of - [download] An outline history of the land of Israel from the time of Alexander to Herod the Great; details of the activities of the Hasmonean family (Maccabees); profile of Herod the Great.

Judgment, Justice, and Judging - [download] God's Judgment and Justice; a discussion of discernment vs. judgmentalism.

Judgment Seat of Christ - [download] A brief study of the thrones upon which Christ will sit, in heaven and on earth, after the Church Age.

Justification - [download] Outline of the doctrine of Justification.

Law of Moses - [download] A discussion of how the Law of Moses relates to Church Age doctrine.

Leaven - [download] A study of the concept of leaven in the Bible

Legalism - [download] The greatest distortion to Grace is religious legalism.

Levitical Priesthood - [download] A discussion of the institutions of the Jewish religion.

Levitical Sacrifices and Offerings - [download] Descriptions and Christian typology of the Levitical sacrifices and offerings; isagogical support to study of New Testament epistles.

Life of Christ - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - the Person and Work of Christ, from His presence in eternity past, through His ministry in the feeding of the 5000.

Local Church - [download] a collection of Bible references dealing with the basic attitude and activities which are present in a local church.

Locusts - [download] Four different types of locusts are mentioned in Joel 4:1.

Loyal Love - [download] Another look at the subject of AGAPE love.

Lydda – [download] - the city where Peter healed Aeneas.

Maccabean Revolt - [download] - the great Jewish warriors struggle against the Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes.

Manna - [download] Manna means "What is it?" in the Hebrew.

Marriage, Christian - [download] Thorough treatment on the subject of marriage in the Bible.

Mary's Song - [download] - Luke's narrative now turns to the story of Mary, the mother of our Lord.

Mental Attitude - [download] A thorough article on the problems of mental attitude and how to grow into stability in the Christian Way of Life; how to have a relaxed mental attitude; how to avoid many kinds of neurosis.

Messiah in the Old Testament [download] - from “The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah” by Alfred Edersheim, Appendix IX.

Methusaleh - [download] The oldest man is the world may also be the most famous.

Moses in Egypt - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - notes from history about Moses and the Pharoahs in Egypt.

Moabites - [download] A description of the descendants of Lot, geography, history, religion, relationship to Judges and Ruth. The Moabite Stone.

The "Much More" Care of God - [download] The Lord Jesus did the most for us when He died on the Cross. In the Christian life He does much more than the most for us.

Music, Christian - [download] What the Bible says about Christian singing; psalms, hymns, spiritual songs; doctrinal content of a few well-known hymns.

Mystery - [download] - The word "mystery" in the New Testament refers to the doctrine which is specific for the Church Age. It is called "the mystery" because there things were never revealed in Old Testament times.

Names of God - [download] - notes from the Scofield Reference Bible on the names of Jehovah.

Negative Volition - [download] Stern warnings to believers "not to walk as other Gentiles walk".

Occupation with Christ - [download] the primary focus of the Christian life is the Lord Jesus Christ, and we know Him from the Word of God.

Old Age - [download] The doctrinal truth behind dying grace. How the last years of your life are the best years. Growing old and gracious at the same time.

Old Testament History - [download] A history of the period from Solomon to the return of the Jews from exile. Chart shows activities in N and S kingdoms and surrounding Gentile nations; dates of kings and prophets.

Parables – [download] - by Pastor Mark Perkins. A thorough study of the parables of Jesus, with expositional notes.

Pastor-Teachers - [download] the pastor-teacher has a spiritual gift that he does not deserve and cannot earn.

Paul the Apostle - [download] Paul's education and career.

Paul's Childhood at Tarsus - [download] - His infancy; the Tribe of Benjamin; Social Position of Paul’s Family; Paul’s Boyhood.

Paul's Education - [download] - His journey to Jerusalem; his education at the school of Gamaliel

Paul: Chronological Table - [download] A time table of Paul's life, with matching contemporary events.

Peace of God, and Peace with God - [download] How to have peace with God and the peace of God. One of the important stability doctrines and Biblical treatments for depression.

Persecution in the Early Church - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - a description of the life of early believers under Jewish persecution.

Persecution, Roman - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - by Philip Schaff, the treatment of Christian believers by Roman authority and citizens.

Philip the Evangelist - [download] - The “deacon” who brought the Gospel to the Samaritans and to the Ethiopian eunuch.

Pilgrim's Progress - [download only] - “From This World To That Which Is To Come, Delivered under the similitude of a dream”, BY JOHN BUNYAN

Pilate - [download] - Pontius Pilate was the fifth governor of the Roman province of Judaea. His rule began in 26 AD and lasted until early in 37 AD.

Poor, The - [download] - The Lord Jesus said "The poor you will have with you always" (Mark 14:17), and the Bible has extensive teaching on the subject of poverty and how a Christian's duties include responsibility and care for poor people.

Prayer - [download] Practical teaching on how to pray to God and what to expect from Him.

Prayer, Principles of- [download] prayer is communication with God.

Preaching, Doctrine of - [download] Word study beginning in Titus 1:3 - KEIRUGMA; the true practice of Bible presentation.

Predestination - [download] How the word "predestination" is used in the Bible.

Pride (Arrogance) - [download] Whenever a Christian fails to execute the plan of God for his life, sinful pride is the primary reason and motivating cause.

Priesthood, The Officiating [download] (Oct 2002) - Among the most interesting glimpses of early life in the church is that afforded by a small piece of rapidly-drawn scenery which presents to our view 'a great company of the priests,' 'obedient to the faith' (Acts 6:7).

Promotion - [download] Personal advancement in the Bible; if God does not promote you, you're not promoted!

Prophets and Prophesying - [download] An outline study of the Old Testament Prophet and his ministry.

Propitiation - [download] Jesus Christ is our Mercy Seat, our place of propitiation!

Psalms, Introduction to - [download] An introduction to the study of the Psalms, and an outline of the First Psalm.

Purity - [download] The apostle Paul told Timothy, "Keep yourself pure..." Good advice for all of us. A study of KATHAROS.

Rabbinical Schools - [download] - Until the formation of the later Rabbinical colleges, which flourished after the Jews were driven from Jerusalem, the instruction in the divinity schools seems to have been chiefly oral.

Rahab and the Grace of God - [download] Rahab, Salmon's wife, Ruth's mother-in-law, David's great-great-grandmother, a trophy to the Grace of God.

The Rapture - [download] A description of the carrying away of believers at the end of the Church Age; a comparison between Rapture and Second Coming events.

Reconciliation - [download] How God the Father changes (reconciles) us to His own standards and righteousness.

Redeeming the Time - [download] A Christian is obliged to make the most of time here on earth, living with eternity's values in view.

Redemption - [download] A study of the doctrine of redemption, God's special intervention for the salvation of mankind.

Refreshment - [download] Romans 15:32 says, "So that by God's will I may come to you with joy and together with you be refreshed."

Regeneration - [download] What does it mean to be born again? A discussion of the words referring to a believer's new life in Christ.

Religions of the World - [download] Brief descriptions of the major non-Christian religions of the world, including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Repentance - [download] - "Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

Responsibility - [download] - The present responsibilities of those who wait for the Kingdom of Christ.

Restoration of the Jews - [download] - After the Second Advent of Christ, He will assemble and restore Israel.

Resurrection of Christ - [download] An outline study of the main features of the resurrection of Christ, including a description of the resurrection body of Christ and the events surrounding the resurrection.

Reversionism – [download] - a comprehensive study of the doctrine showing how the Lord deals with recalcitrant and implacable Christians.

Roads - Jerusalem to Damascus - [download] - a description of the roads Paul probably traveled from Jerusalem to Damascus.

Rock, Jesus Christ the Rock - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Scriptures referring to Jesus Christ as the Rock.

Roman History - [download] An outline history of the period of time leading up to the birth of Christ; The Republic, the Punic Wars, the rise of the Caesars; the city of Rome in New Testament times; the Catacombs.

Roman Names - The names of Roman citizens had four parts. Paul's Roman name was Saulus Benjaminus Tarsus Paulus.

Roman Persecution - [download] - an extended account of the persecution of Christians by the Romans, and details of the siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Roman Provincial System - [download] - from the time when Augustus united the world under his own power, the provinces were divided into two different classes.
Sabbath, Jewish Teaching - [download] - The importance of the Sabbath in Jewish life is stressed from the story of Creation in Genesis, to the Ten Commandments, which state that people are to refrain from labor on the 7th day.

Sadducees [download] - brief article describing this sect.

Salamis - [download] - the city on Cyprus, visited by Paul and Barnabus. Traditional place where Barnabas, a native of Cyprus, was martyred.

Salvation Doctrines - [download] Teaching about our union with Christ; and a listing, with verses, of more than 50 basic doctrines of the Bible which describe all that happens to a believer at the moment of salvation.

Salvation in the Old Testament - [download] How people got saved before the death of Christ on the Cross.

Samaria - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - a brief but thorough political history of Samaria.

Samaritan Woman - [download] - exposition of John 4:1-42; Christ’s dealings with a troubled woman.

Sanhedrin [download] - a brief description and history of this ruling Jewish organization.

Satan - [download] What the Bible says about Satan and his strategies.

Second Advent of Christ - [download]

Sects and Parties of the Jews - [download] - a description of the various Jewish parties in the time of Christ, including Pharisees, Sadducees, Hellenists, Arameans.

Separation - [download] A Christian lives in the world, but is not "of" it.

Septuagint - [download: MS_Word | PDF] - Septuagint (sometimes abbreviated LXX) is the name given to the Greek translation of the Jewish Scriptures.

Servants and Slaves - [download] A description of the condition and treatment of servants and slaves in Bible times.

Servants of God - [download] God commands Christians to be faithful and obedient servants.

Sexual Health in the Bible - [download] Extensive study of what the Bible says about non-marital sexual activity.

Shepherds of the Flock of God - [download] the qualifications and duties of spiritual shepherds; Jehovah as Shepherd; Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd.

Sin, Doctrine of - [download] a comprehensive topic study of the Doctrine of Sin.

The Sin Nature [download] - Sin Nature: part of the essence of the soul acquired at Adam's fall and passed on to every person at birth.

The Sin Unto Death [download] - The final stage of divine discipline - with examples.

Sins of the Tongue [download] - One of the worst sins; how to recognize it; how to have victory!

Stephen [download] - an excellent study of the first martyr!

Spiritual Gifts - [download] - the divine power which is given to each Christian at the time of salvation.

Substitution - [download] The unlimited substitutionary atonement for sin. Christ bore our sins in His own body...

Suffering - [download] A discussion of the suffering experienced by believers and unbelievers; deserved and undeserved suffering; how to avoid some forms of suffering; suffering for blessing.

Synagogues [download: MS_Word | PDF] - a discussion of the makeup and organization of synagogues in the times of the early church; from “Sketches of Jewish Social Life”, by Alfred Edersheim, Chapters 16 and 17.

Tabernacle Furniture - [download] A description of function and typology of the laver, candlesticks, table of bread, altar of incense, veil, and ark of the covenant.

Talmud: On Christ [download: MS_Word | PDF] - what the Talmud teaches about Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity; and about his followers, the Christians.

Talmud, Origins - [download] - The name “Talmud” means “teaching” or “study” and refers to the oral law which has been taught to the children of Israel since the time of Moses.

Talmud, Tractate Shabbath - [download] - the portion of the Talmud dealing with Sabbath categories of work. (Order Moed, Tractate Shabbath, Chapter 7)

Talmud, Structure of - [download] - The rabbis of the 2nd and 3rd centuries after Christ organized the Talmud in the form we find it today.

Teaching in the Local Church - A study of the mission of the local church with respect to "feeding the flock".

Temple: Description and Measurements [download: MS_Word | PDF] - from Edersheim, Alfred, “Sketches of Jewish Social Life”, Appendix I.

Thessalonica - [download] - the second city in Europe to hear the preaching voice of St. Paul, and probably the first church to receive an epistle from him..

Thorns - [download] - Thorns are associated with the curse of mankind and nature at the time of the Fall. Man has to contend with thorns in his work and in his spiritual life.

Torah, Jewish Teachings on - [download] - In its most limited sense, "Torah" refers to the Five Books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. But the word "torah" can also be used to refer to the entire Jewish bible (the body of scripture known to non-Jews as the Old Testament and to Jews as the Tanakh or Written Torah), or in its broadest sense, to the whole body of Jewish law and teachings.

Trinity - [download] - The doctrine of the trinity recognizes God as being one in essence but three persons who possess equal, perfect, eternal and infinite identical essence.

Truth - [download] The Word of God is Truth; examples of eagerness for God's truth.

Traditionalism - [download] - Its Origin, Character, and Literature, the Mishnah And Talmud - from Alfred Edersheim, "The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah"

Uncleanness in the Levitical System - [download] Notes on the concept of ceremonial uncleanness in the Old Testament Jewish system.

Union (davaq) - [download] a study of the Hebrew word DAVAQ, "union".

Union with Christ (Positional Truth) - [download] Teaching related to all of the benefits and responsibilities of being "in Christ".

Ur of the Chaldees [download] - a brief description of Abraham's birthplace

Walk, The Christian - [download] The Christian Walk; obedience to the command to "walk worthy of the calling wherewith you are called".

Widow's Mite - [download] - an essay on Christian giving and support of Christian work, based on the Bible narrative of this story.

Widows - [download] - In the New Testament, a widow is a woman who has lost her husband by death or is divorced from her husband.

Witnessing - [download] from a discussion of Ephesians 6:15, "And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace."

Worry, the Sin of - [download] The mental attitude sin of worry, its cause and cure.

Workers, Qualifications for Christian - [download] A list of qualifications for every type of Christian worker, from personal worker to missionary to pastors and teachers.

Zacharias Presenting Incense in the Temple - [download] A description of the duties of the priest who was chosen by lot each day to perform the burning of incense in the Holy Place, as Zacharias did in Luke 1:5-25.

Zacharias' Prophecy - [download] - the praise and prayer of Zacharias when his son, John the Baptist, was born.

Zion - [download] – one page study giving the Bible references and definitions for Zion, a word that means “grace.”

Grace Notes Authors

Here are brief biographies of the authors of Grace Notes materials.
You may correspond with these men by E-Mail, to ask questions or to comment on the studies.

Rev. Drue Freeman
Pastor, Trinity Bible Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dr. Dan Hill [bio]
Pastor, Southwood Bible Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rev. Mark Perkins [bio]
Pastor, Front Range Bible Church, Denver, Colorado

Dr. Grant C. Richison [bio]
Lecturer, Campus Crusade for Christ (Canada)
Pastor Emeritus, Grant Memorial Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Warren Doud [bio]
Director, Grace Notes

Dr. Dan Hill

After graduating from high school in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dan Hill served in the United States Navy. Upon receiving his honorable discharge in 1965 he attended Arizona State University where he received a degree in Speech and History. Dan and his wife Patricia were married in 1970.

Following three years of teaching in the public schools, Dr. Hill enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary where he received his Masters degree in Theology in 1976. During that time he also was working on research that earned him a Doctorate from the California Graduate School of Theology in 1977.

Dr. Hill pastored Grace Bible Church in Prescott, Arizona for three years, then returned to Phoenix where he was the Bible editor for Alpha Omega Publications and assistant pastor of West Side Bible Church. In 1987, the Hills moved to Hope, Arkansas where Dr. Hill served as pastor of Hope Community Church. In 1990, Dr. Hill accepted his present pastorate at Southwood Bible Church in Tulsa.

Rev. Mark Perkins

Mark has a B.A in Bible Literature from Azusa Pacific University and a Master's degree in New Testament from Talbot Theological Seminary. He served for five years in the Army National Guard as a Cavalry Scout and Fire Direction Controller. He was ordained as a Pastor at Berachah Church in Houston, Texas; and he has been the Pastor of Front Range Bible Church since 1988.

Dr. Grant C. Richison

Dr. Richison is a highly experienced pastor, lecturer, and Christian servant who is dedicated to a lifetime of studying and teaching God's Word. Almost immediately after his salvation he began to desire to teach the Word, and he set about a lifelong program of preparation and ministry.

Dr. Richison has a diploma from Detroit Bible Institute, a bachelor's degree in religious education from William Tyndale College (Detroit), a Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in ministries from Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Richison has been pastor and senior pastor of Baptist churches from 1965 to 1992. His most recent pastorate was at Grant Memorial Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, where, over a 20 year period, he had oversight of a ministry that expanded from about 350 to more than 2500 communicants. During the period of his pastorates, Dr. Richison was also a lecturer at Detroit Bible College and Winnipeg Theological Seminary.

From 1993 to 1995, Dr. Richison was Director of Leadership Ministries for Campus Crusade for Christ (Canada). He currently has a world-wide lecture ministry with Campus Crusade.

Dr. Richison is an experienced writer, and he provides materials for three areas on the Internet: Sermon on the Net; Today's Word, and Pastors' Power Points. He has considerable ability to communicate God's Word verse by verse in a relevant, clear, applicable and insightful manner and to communicate vision and establish a philosophy of ministry in the local assembly.

Warren Doud

My theological orientation, briefly, is evangelical Christian. I believe that the Bible in its original manuscripts is divinely inspired and that Jesus Christ is God and Savior. The Grace Notes doctrinal statement is adapted from my personal doctrinal position.

I graduated in 1957 from Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, with majors in Bible, English, and Christian Music.

I received the BS in Mathematics and Computer Science (1967), and an MS in Mathematics (Abstract Algebra and Topology) (1969), from the University of Southwest Louisiana, Lafayette, LA.

Ethel and I spent several years in Christian work as a vocation: three (3) years with Christian boarding school and mission in the U.S., as teacher of math, French, and English. Three years as principal of Christian school in Austin, Texas, in a local church, grades 2 to 12. I am an active Bible teacher and writer.

I have been employed since 1980 as a computer information specialist and science writer with BAE SYSTEMS, the Analysis and Applied Research Division, Austin, TX.

I am a layman and my Christian work is Bible teaching and writing. I spend 12 to 15 hours per week in research, teaching, and writing, principally in the areas of doctrine related to the basics of the Christian Way of Life.


If you have questions or comments, write to Warren Doud <>.

Warren Doud, 1705 Aggie Lane, Austin, Texas 78757 USA Phone: 512.458.8923