Children Bible Stories 

These Bible Stories are used by permission from site as long as not sold.

They are to be used for edification of bringing children to Christ and salvation.

Each contains a PDF file which cannot be right clicked on, downloaded and save file as or can be read online.

Also each file contains a coloring book file which can be also downloaded.

Each story remains in its true form with the references in the story leading you to the authors and their desire.

Bible Stories

Stories require Adobe Reader  

Old Testament

01 When God Made Everything Story CB
02 The Start of Man's Sadness Story CB
03 Noah and the Great Flood Story CB
04 God's Promise to Abraham Story CB
05 God Tests Abraham's Love Story CB
06 Jacob the Deceiver Story CB
07 A Favorite Son Becomes a Slave Story CB
08 God Honors Joseph the Slave Story CB
09 The Prince From the River Story CB
10 The Prince Becomes a Shepherd Story CB
11 Goodbye Pharaoh Story CB
12 Forty Years Story CB
13 Joshua Takes Charge Story CB
14 Samson, God's Strong Man Story CB
15 Gideon's Little Army Story CB
16 Ruth - A Love Story Story CB
17 Samuel, God's Boy-Servant Story CB
18 The Handsome Foolish King Story CB
19 David the Shepherd Boy Story CB
20 David the King (Part 1) Story CB
21 David the King (Part 2) Story CB
22 Wise King Solomon Story CB
23 Good Kings, Bad Kings Story CB
24 The Man of Fire Story CB
25 Elisha, Man of Miracles Story CB
26 Jonah and the Big Fish Story CB
27 Isaiah Sees the Future Story CB
28 Jeremiah, Man of Tears Story CB
29 Ezekiel: Man of Visions Story CB
30 Beautiful Queen Esther Story CB
31 Daniel the Captive Story CB
32 Daniel and the Mystery Dream Story CB
33 The Men Who Would Not Bend Story CB
34 Daniel and the Lions' Den Story CB
35 The Great Wall of Nehemiah Story CB

New Testament

Download Story File Download Coloring Book File
36 The Birth of Jesus Story CB
37 A Man Sent From God Story CB
38 A Terrible Time for Jesus Story CB
39 Jesus Chooses 12 Helpers Story CB
40 The Miracles of Jesus Story CB
41 A Temple Leader Visits Jesus Story CB
42 Jesus the Great Teacher Story CB
43 The Farmer and the Seed Story CB
44 Rich Man, Poor Man Story CB
45 The Prodigal Son Story CB
46 The Good Samaritan Story CB
47 The Woman at the Well Story CB
48 Jesus Stills the Stormy Sea Story CB
49 The Girl Who Lived Twice Story CB
50 Jesus Heals the Blind Story CB
51 Jesus Feeds 5000 People Story CB
52 Jesus and Lazarus Story CB
53 Jesus and Zaccheus Story CB
54 The First Easter Story CB
55 The Birth of the Church Story CB
56 The Church Meets Trouble Story CB
57 Peter and the Power of Prayer Story CB
58 From Persecutor to Preacher Story CB
59 Paul's Amazing Travels Story CB
60 Heaven, God's Beautiful Home Story CB

Pilgrims' Progress

Pilgrims' Progress Part 1 Story  
Pilgrims' Progress Part 2 Story  
Pilgrims' Progress Part 3 Story  
Pilgrims' Progress Part 4 Story  
Pilgrims' Progress Part 5 Story  
Pilgrims' Progress Part 6 Story


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